elatex® Cell System

Non energetic air chamber system

  • breathable
Pressure Ulcer Grade IV
Max. patient weight: 200kg

Non energetic air chamber system

The elatex®-cell system consists of a fixed PUR frame with 9 self-adjusting air cells. The cells filled with PUR foam are connected to each other by a hose system. This technology, in combination with the highest quality materials and three special valves, enables excellent self-stabilising adaptation to the individual body shape and thus very low contact pressures.

The heel and head area are constructed with a special cold foam in RG 70. Due to the cross-section sloping towards the end of the bed, lower pressure values are achieved. The frame provides stable support when sitting on the bed due to a higher compression hardness. A 5 cm cover plate made of high-quality viscose foam ensures high resting comfort.

The cover complies with the novacare® standards and thus has a tear-resistant base, which is additionally equipped with transport and evacuation straps. These enable the mattress to be transferred even when the patient is lying on the bed.